Nominated for Best of the Bakken Five Years in a Row
The only studio certified in Acrobatic Arts in Western ND



Kay Michael Lee Studio provides quality dance instruction that will ensure your child is prepared for excellence in competition at any age and on any stage. Our instructors are not only up-to-date on current trends in the art of dance, they teach a wide variety of genres including lyrical, jazz, hip hop, modern/contemporary, tap, ballet, musical theatre and more.

Serving Greater Williston, ND

(701) 570-1484 

Winter Hours (September – May)
Monday – Thursday, 4pm – 8pm

The Competition Dance Program (ages 5-18) is designed for advanced dancers looking to further expand their dance experiences. These dancers perform challenging dance numbers at community events, attend dance conventions, perform at all Kay Michael Lee events, and compete in statewide, regional, and national dance competitions.
No auditions to join!
Contact us today to arrange a meeting so we can discuss your dance competitive goals and provide further guidance based on your aspirations.
I’m interested in competing! Now what?
We will not be holding auditions for “competition lines” for this season. If a dancer has expressed interest in competing, whether it’s a solo, duo/trio, or a group of dance friends, they are eligible to compete under our studio name. If you’re interested in pursuing competitive opportunities, please reach out to the studio to arrange a meeting.
Will the studio be competing in group categories or how is that assigned since there’s no auditions?
This provides a great opportunity for the dancers and parents to take the lead in deciding their preferences. Without auditions, the studio encourages dancers and parents to discuss and determine their desired group categories. Our staff will be there to guide and assist with aspects such as song selection. This approach allows for fluidity in planning and scheduling, ensuring that dancers can participate in group categories that align with their interests and goals. Come this fall, we will have a meeting to discuss these topics in further detail.

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