The Competition Lines (ages 5-18) are designed for advanced dancers looking to further expand their dance experiences.

These groups perform challenging dance numbers at community events, attend dance conventions, perform at all Kay Michael Lee recitals, and compete in statewide, regional, and national dance competitions.

  • Dancers ages 5-7 are invited to sign up for our Precious Gems line, which does not require an audition. This program gives beginner dancers ages 5-7 a chance to compete at 2 competitions per year & perform at community events with a lower commitment level compared to our Diamond, Ruby, & Emerald Competition Lines. The Precious Gems go through an “audition” process on the first day of class, but everyone is accepted onto this line.
  • Dancers ages 8-18 are invited to audition for a place on one of our three competition lines: Diamond, Ruby, and Emeralds.
Competition Company Auditions June 1:
• Precious Gems (ages 5-7): no audition, contact us to join the team!
• Emerald Line Audition 4 – 5:30pm
• Diamond & Ruby Lines Audition 5:30 – 7pm
• Audition results from June 1 can be challenged at Aug. 11 audition
Competition Company Auditions August 11:
• Precious Gems (ages 5-7): no audition, contact us to join the team!
• Ages 7+: 3:00 – 5:00pm
• Results from June 1 audition can be challenged at this audition


2021 – Includes our first performance at Universal Studios in Florida!
2018Including results from Triple S Nationals!
2016Including Our First Appearance at a National Competition!

Competition Lines

There are 4 different Competition Lines:

  • Precious Gems ~ 5 to 7 years old
  • Emerald Line ~ 8 to 12 years old
  • Ruby Line ~ 12 years old +
  • Diamond Line ~ 12 years old +


The tuition for competition lines is a flat rate for the entire 2022-2023 dance year (September–May). (CONTACT US below for the cost of your line and season).

Each member is required to attend the competition practice, one (1) ballet class, one (1) jazz class, and one (1) genre of their choice. Please contact us for more information on Competition Company expectations.